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CMDSM/CMDSS Study Program Informational Webinar - May 2nd


Now is your chance to take the first step in earning your professional certification and the industry’s most recognized professional credentials!

The people I knew in the mail industry with this highly regarded distinction are impressive, not only in mail knowledge, but in quality of character and caliber of personality.  I wanted to be one of them.  
                  Jim Hernandez, CMDSM
                  Manager, Distribution & Logistic Services

We are holding an informational Webinar May 2nd 2:00 EST for anyone considering sitting for the CMDSM or CMDSS Certification at the Fall MAILCOM in Las Vegas, September 24-26.  

This webinar will review the certification programs, the necessary points to sit for the exam, the content of the exam and what the logistics and details related to the exam.   We also spend time discussing the Study Session program and what the expectations and responsibilities are for participants.

Who should attend:

  •  Individuals who have achieved MDC and have an interest in the highest level of certification

  • Individuals who have a desire to improve their knowledge and prestige in the mailing and facilities management industry

  • Managers and Supervisors wanting to increase their career opportunities

  • Individuals who have achieved USPS EMCM Certification with a desire for additional certification

I highly recommend participation in the CMDSM study sessions. The sessions provided a wealth of information that will be covered on the exam. The eight weeks zoom by and the comradery gained from interacting with fellow business professionals is invaluable.
I can honestly say that without the study sessions I would not have passed the exam.
Derek Webster, CMDSM
Account Manager, Williams Lea Tag

Please plan to join us for the webinar if you are considering sitting for the CMDSM or CMDSS.   

By investing just sixty minutes, you will learn what it takes to become an industry leader and expert at your job. Learn how earning your CMDSM or CMDSS credentials can enhance your career and provide upward mobility for your future. The direct link to on-line registration for this webinar is CMDSM/SS Study Group Webinar

Thank you
MSMA National Education Committee


Certification Programs


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Approximately 41% of the Mail Systems Management Association members are from the “Supplier” side of the industry. MSMA has developed a new certification and exam for suppliers – CMDSS (Certified Mail & Distribution Systems Supplier).  The CMDSS Certification incorporates Supplier themes as they relate to doing business with Mail & Distribution Management within companies...more »


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